Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not that F-Bomb...that F-Bomb

So is faggot like nigga, where only the parties who claim some association to the derogatory term can say it? If so that makes sense. Remember a few years ago when actor Isaiah Washington had to go to rehab for calling one of his Grey's Anatomy costars a fag? Remember when Dog the Bounty Hunter made racist statements about his son's girlfriend? He also had to go to rehab. So, what gives one license to have an implied reference to themselves, as well as call others, a faggot, nigga, or any other derogatory term? How is it ok for a person to put themselves down by endearing a term, but wrong for others to do it? I have white friends (yes I have more than one white friend) who I've heard refer to each other as Honky. I've seen women of all races referring to each other as bitch.

"You wonder why they call you bitch, I betcha."

During an altercation in Canada where Perez Hilton was allegedly assaulted as a result of an altercation between himself, Fergie, and will.I.Am. Perez Hilton said he wanted to verbally hurt Will.I.Am by calling him the worst thing he could think to call him. So, what's a word with two G's in the center that would hurt a Black man?

Faggot! Perez called Will.I.Am a faggot.

Now, in my opinion, this speaks to the self esteem of Mr. Hilton. The worst thing he could think to call a man whom he has no reason to believe is gay is a word that's used to put down gays?


I guess that's like a Chinese man getting mad at a Mexican and yelling, "Chink!"

What sense does that make? How could one be a gay man and think that calling someone a faggot is the worst thing he could say to a straight man? Would Perez have hit Will if he was called Hetero?

While these questions are left to be answered, the bottom line is this: The conversational use of derogatory terms have to stop if they're expected to have any weight. A person can't be mad if someone uses a racial slur against them and they turn around and use it to greet their brother. It makes no sense for Perez to have called will.I.Am a faggot. In using that term, he showed the world what he thinks of himself, as well as the gay community.

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